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What are the course requirements?

We recommend a minimum of 2 years practice, however, we take every application into consideration to account for exceptional circumstances. We cannot however guarantee every application will be successful. 

What type of Teacher will I be when I graduate?

You will graduate with a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training certificate, once all exams have been passed.

What style of yoga will be taught?

We will be leading a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, please see course content for more information.

Is the course certified?

The course will be certified with Yoga Alliance US which allows graduates to teach globally.

What is the course structure?

The course is modular, divided into an immersive component, weekend modules and non- contact hours. We have outlined an example timetable for both the immersive and weekend contact hours.  The non contact hours will consist of attending, assisting and observing classes alongside homework and reading.

What happens if I miss a module?

If you must miss a module (exceptional circumstances only) then you need to make up the hours with the relevant teachers on your own time.  You will not be able to graduate from the course until all the modules are completed and passed.  This time will be charged at £100 per hour which can be split between any students who also need to complete or re-do the module.

Will there be a graduation?

Yes!  There will be a graduation on Friday 10th January at 8pm

Will there be exams?

Yes, there will be several small exams throughout the course, and your main exams at the end of the course.

Do I get a discount at Psycle during the training?

You will get a 25 class pass for yoga during this time and discount off the energy kitchen smoothies and coffees.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. There are several ways to pay, please see the outlined options on the course page. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss any alternatives.

Where will the course take place?

The immersive component will be in Bordeaux, France and all other modules will be at Psycle London Mortimer St.

How many people will be on the course?

There will be a maximum of 22 people on the course.

Will there be a reading list?

Yes you will receive this in your welcome pack on acceptance into the course.

Will there be mentors?

Yes there will be mentors assigned throughout the duration of the course.

How much homework is there?

There will be some elements of the course that will include home reading, essay writing and class preparation in your own time. There will be pre-reading before the course starts, and 3-4 hours per week dedicated to your own learning outside of the contact hours.

How is the course material delivered?

The course is divided into modules where you will learn via lecture, discussion, group work and practical application.

How much practice will I be expected to do throughout the course?

The physical element is rigorous and you should be prepared to practice every day of the immersive component and weekend modules.

Do I need to live in London?

You do not need to live in London but you must be able to attend all hours of the training modules and accommodation is your responsibility.

Is it possible to work full time alongside the training?

We designed the structure of the course to allow you to do the training around your full time work. The only time off you will require is for the immersive component in France.

I have particular learning needs, is help available?

Please let us know on application if you have any specific circumstances that may affect your ability to partake in the course. We will endeavour to help you in every possible way we can.

Do you take on everyone who applies?

We review every application to make sure the training is best suited to your needs as a student. Spaces are limited so we recommend early application to avoid disappointment. This will be a first come first serve application process for succesful canditates.

When can I start teaching?

If you pass the training and exams you will receive your 200 hour RYT certificate on graduation. Once you have organised your own personal insurance (we will advise on the course) you will be able to teach right away.

Will I be able to teach at Psycle once I’ve graduated?

A 200 hour training does not normally meet the minimum requirements we look for when adding to the teaching family at Psycle. However, due to the level of contact with both Chris and Gemma through this course, we will consider any strong candidates for future teaching opportunities, and the possibility of progressing through a graduate programme to join the teaching team permanently.